A Walk Down Memory Lane: To Childhood Friends “How do you spell ‘love’?” – Piglet “You don’t spell it…you feel it.” – Pooh” — A.A. Milne

I was looking through my hard drive for pictures for my mom for Mother’s Day and came across these pictures taken almost a year ago. These two little beauties are BEST Friends, anyone that knows them would agree. They are both also very dear to my heart. The blonde is my beautiful niece Brinlee and the other is Savannah, a sweet little girl that I used to watch. These snapshots were taken on the day that I took Brinlee’s 2 year old pictures in the field (hence the curlers in her hair). I love the pictures of them sitting on the ledge together as I was testing my camera and getting it ready for that night’s shoot. The fact that Savannah has one sock on is so her :). Sweet Savannah has moved away, at least not too far that they can see each other occasionally and I know that Brin misses her dearly. I LOVE Winnie the Pooh, he is so wise for a fluffy ol’ bear ;). This quote brought tears to my eyes as I thought of a child who doesn’t spell but understands something so huge and intricate that many adults fail to miss. What it means to love and how to show love. I cannot forgot my sweet best friends from growing up that meant so much to me; Lauren T., Alyssa G., Whitney S., Kara P. and the amazing and fun adventures we had. Enjoy!

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