Cliff Family

This family shoot in Texas was so fun and so eventful :). I absolutely love this family already, because when I am with them, all they do is make me laugh. So this already fun shoot, ended with a “splash” when cute Kate was standing next to me by the water’s edge and she took a step back as she was talking to me and didn’t realize where she was stepping. She fell in with me yelling, “Don’t step in the WATER!” (Of course by the time I said water it was a high pitched, mother type of scream. 🙂 Even though she fell completely into the reflection pool and was sopping wet, surprisingly her already dark clothes didn’t look wet at all. We were able to finish the shoot and all kept laughing about what had happened. So, not only for that reason alone, I loved this family shoot and aren’t they a gorgeous family? There are lots more to come!

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