Lisa & David

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These two lovebirds could be right out of a classic, romantic movie. Their affection and care for each other is so endearing and I felt so privileged to have the opportunity to take pictures for them. Booking the session, we hadn’t realized it fell right on Veteran’s day which made this shoot pretty special. I appreciate everyone who takes the time to serve our country and have the greatest respect for them. The best part of the shoot was when an older man came up to us while shooting and said he had been looking for a man in uniform all day. He told David how much he appreciated him and his service and gave him a wad of money for him and his bride. I thought that was so special and couldn’t hold back the tears. It’s so true though, we owe so much and I look at Lisa and David and their beautiful relationship and the road they are about to take together. That is love, true true love to support each other the way that they do. I left this photo shoot feeling so grateful and so lucky to have the opportunity to meet the people I get to. Enjoy, I loved this shoot so much and can’t wait to show more soon.

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