Looking for Nominations for a FREE session for the Beauty Revived Campaign

I was selected to be one of the 25 photographer’s in Utah to participate in this awesome project. I am looking to give away a free shoot to a woman, younger or older, who exemplifies true beauty. Someone who is compassionate, self-less, sweet, kind, and huge heart.

I’m looking for nominees of women you feel is the epitome of true inner beauty. Please email me about your nominee at madmariephotography@gmail.com. Please tell me more about them and why you feel they deserve this special photo shoot.

I will choose the winner myself and they will be considered one of “Utah’s 100 most beautiful women”.

If you have a woman in mind don’t hesitate to write a few lines about her and nominate her! This is such a unique opportunity for me that I’m so honored to say I’m apart of!

The winner will be announced May 24th.

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