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Wedding planning is so important on many levels. As you are booking vendors and making decisions for your wedding day, it’s important not to skimp on your photographer. It surprises me that there are a majority of brides who let their photography choice be on the backend. Your pictures and memories are all you have to remember your day and the areas you spent your money on. There are many things to consider when choosing a photographer. You want to be sure that your photographer fits your personality, that they are in tune with what you are hoping to capture and remember from your day.

Another important area is to do your research. I have seen many cases sadly, where the photographer that Brides have booked have been inconsistent with their work. They might be good for calm, posed settings such as an engagement or bridal session, but might really being lacking professionalism, leadership in assembling big groups of people, keeping timelines on track and lighting knowledge on the day of your wedding. For example, anyone who tells you they are a “natural light” photographer is probably not going to be the best fit when it comes down to shooting your reception or indoor ceremony. I have shot in cathedrals so dark, that using flash would be the only way to capture the wedding. There have been instances with friends who found that their photographer had no flash and was unable to capture their reception events because of it. If the photographer you are looking at says they are natural light, be sure to ask lots of questions about flash and examples of their work when they have had to use flash. Shooting in Natural light is gorgeous and creamy, but will only get you so far at different points of the wedding day.

I have had many people inquire about me starting workshops and advice posts. I am going to start doing that here. I will have more advice soon on things to think about when choosing your photographer.

In the mean time, here is a lovely couple I shot, from beginning to end. Love them dearly and had so much fun taking their pictures. (Below is the pre wedding video we did for them and at the bottom is their wedding video. Make sure to click and watch).

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